Lost library work procedure

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Reporting the loss

  • Immediately report loss of, or damage to, Library Property (incl. locker keys) at the Library Information Desk. Severe damage to library property is equivalent to a lost item. If borrowed items are not returned after the 4th reminder, the borrowed items will be considered lost and this procedure should be started.
  • Sign the Statement of Loss of Library Property as soon as possible or scan, fill in and sign the following document and send it to the campus library to which the lost item belonged.
  • As long as the Statement has not been signed, your right to borrow library materials will be suspended and your fine(s) will accumulate. Once you sign the Statement of Loss, due fines stop accumulating. Fines are due immediately. Consequently your borrowing rights will be restored.
  • Failure to follow this procedure will result in the suspension of borrowing rights. The Odisee legal service department will also be notified and a notice of default will be drawn up.


  • Report every theft (on the Odisee premises as well as outside HUB-KAHO) to the police. Ask them for the official police report (in Belgium this is called a PV – a proces verbaal) and provide the Library with a copy of it. If the library item was stolen on the Odisee premises, you must report this to the School administration as well. (Attach a copy of the PV to this document.)
  • If a borrowed item was stolen, nothing will be charged, with the exception of any due fines. If you have taken out an insurance policy against pilferage, you will have to report the theft to your insurance broker to have your insurance company pay the replacements costs of the stolen item to Odisee. (Attach a copy to this document.)
  • If you do not have an insurance policy against pilferage, you must replace the stolen item yourself.


  • You have 2 choices for replacing the lost item: you can provide Odisee with a new identical item and pay for the necessary expenses yourself or you can ask Odisee to replace the item and refundOdisee for the expenses made.
  • If Odisee takes care of the replacement, you must pay the following costs:
    • A fixed administrative cost of 6 EUR;
    • If Odisee buys a replacement item: the price that has to be paid to the book supplier;
    • If photocopies were made (usually in combination with an ILL request): costs for copying plus possible binding costs (see invoice);
    • If ILL is involved: at least 2,50 EUR per ILL request plus the transfer costs.
  • The Library Staff will ask you - if possible - to pay immediately when you report the loss.

Special cases

  • If the lost item could not be replaced by an identical item because no photocopies could be made or no solution through ILL could be found, an alternative of equal value will be bought instead.
  • If the lost item is a final project or a Dissertation, you will be charged with a fixed cost of 15 EUR; if the lost item is a locker key, the fixed cost is 6 EUR.
  • If an ILL item is lost, the Library follows the procedure and the system of payment of the supplying library.
  • If the lost item is recovered, do report this immediately to the Library and return the item as soon as possible. There are then three possibilities:
    • You return the recovered item before the start of the replacement procedure. The procedure will then be stopped and you will not be charged for the loss, barring any due fines.
    • If the replacement procedure has already been started but the replacement item has not been delivered by the supplier yet, the order or ILL request will be cancelled. However, you will be charged a 6 EUR administrative cost. The rest of the already paid costs will be refunded and the replacement procedure will be stopped.
    • You return the item but the replacement procedure is already completed: the new item has been delivered, or the order or ILL request cannot be cancelled anymore. If so you will have to settle the account (all the expenses that were made, such as purchase price, ILL cost, costs of photocopying and binding, administrative cost), but in return you will receive the replacement so it becomes your property.