Application for loan or copy from another library

Printvriendelijke versie

If you didn't find the document you need in our library, it may well be available in another library. As a HUB-KAHO-student or faculty staff member you often can - for a small fee - acquire this document through inter library loan (ILL). Requesting an ILL can easily be made through our catalogue (note for academic students). Another option is sending a request at your campus library or by filling in a form a the library reception desk.

- When requesting a journal article only the requested article will be delivered, not the complete journal, as these are seldom available for ILL.
- Fill in a new form for every requested document.

Transaction fees

ILL is not free:

  • For documents available in Belgium you may be charged a fee of € 2,50 per requested document.
  • For documents requested abroad you pay a least [1] € 8,00 per requested document.

Borrowing requested documents

Your request will be transferred to the library that holds the requested document. If the document is available, it will be sent to your campus library. Delivery time is usually less than 1 week. An e-mail to attend you on the arrival of the requested document will be send to you.

ILL requested documents can be borrowed for a two week period only. Extension of this period is not possible. Copies of articles will be printed and need not be returned. If the requested document was delivered electronically the library will send you the digital copy upon simple request, provided all fees have been paid.


[1]: This depends on the real cost for the library. More information can be obtained from the ILL-staff member when such a situation arises.