Consult readers information

Printvriendelijke versie

You can consult and update your library account through the catalogue. In this way you can:

  • check the return date for items on loan,
  • renew the loan period for another period counted from the day you renew the items,
  • make a reservation for items that are currently on loan to another library patron,
  • request an item from another library through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
- Renewing the loan period is only possible before the current loan period has expired. The loan period will be extended by 2 weeks counted from the day of renewal, but limited to 56 days after the original loan date. For overnight loans, very short loans and short loans an extension of the loan period is not possible.
- Requesting items is only possible for items that are currently not available. 
- ILL-requests are not always free (see ILL-request).

Log on

When logging on to the search platform (Limo) you must first select Central login KU Leuven Associatie. You can then log in with your KU Leuven Associatie student or staff login.

Outsiders can log in to their personal pages clicking the ‘Sign in’ button. Choose All other users and identify yourself with UserID (= barcode number) and password (= barcode number). It is advisable to change your initial password after logging in.

Do not forget to log off at the end of your session! Click Sign out in the left upper corner of the window to do so.